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Each bracelet contain 3 large Lampwork Glass Beads (12 mm - 14mm). The glass used is imported from Italy and color is simular malachite green.   Stainless steel metal beads (tarnish free).  Very strong magnetic closure.  Stainless steel safety chain, which is lightly attracted to the magnet so chain does not dangle free while wearing (great feature)!

Bracelet - Malachite Green - magnetic closure

  • I measure each bracelet using a sizing mandal.  The measurement stated is the inside dimension.  Not the length of the bracelet.  

    For sizing, I recommend  you use a string or a piece of yarn, and place it around your wrist once.  Hold the string together at the point were it is a comfortable fit.  Cut the string at that point and measure the string lenghth.  That will be the size you should order.  Important:  the two cut ends of this string (placed around your wrist) should butt together were you want the bracelet to circle your wrist.

    I wear my bracelets on the snug side, not loose and not tight.  That way the magnet connection will stay on the bottom of my wrist.  If the bracelet is too big it can flip around like a bangle.    

    Each bracelet is handmade and will vary slightly.  Measurements are close, but not precise.

    Please contact me if you need a larger size, or help with sizing. 

    text only 716-913-5453

    you can call me, but you'll probably get my voicemail.

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